A work order is a roadmap that gives maintenance staff a clear picture of the tasks at hand and their priority. It not only details what needs to be done but also provides a structured approach to task completion. From permits to assignees and expected outcomes to unique specifications, every aspect of the maintenance effort finds its place in this document. The utility of work orders extends beyond task documentation; they are logbooks for all assets, tasks, and costs, facilitating end-to-end tracking and accountability, if done right.

Something so critical cannot be left susceptible to human error. Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) are the most efficient facilities management work order systems out there. Depending upon the software you choose, a CMMS work order system not only creates work orders, but also provides technicians with additional information, such as checklists, documents, and manuals.

The Importance of Facilities Work Order Systems

CMMS work order management software enables facilities managers and technicians to have all their work order data in a dashboard format. A facilities work order system allows teams to plan, schedule, and manage work orders for internal and external clients in one place. With a central location for creating service requests, tracking status updates in real time, tracking completion, and providing feedback on completed work, enterprises can take care of work orders across locations.

However, as indicated above, the importance of a facilities work order system does not lie in simply deploying one but in making the right selection. A comprehensive solution, especially a web-based work order system, simplifies the work order process from the beginning to the end. It eliminates the need for manual submission of service requests and status update. Employees can enter, approve, and modify work orders in just a few clicks.

Benefits of CMMS Work Order Management

Experienced facility managers stress the importance of well-thought-out CMMS work order management for long-term success. With hundreds of repairs and maintenance requests coming in every day, the ability to respond quickly and efficiently is the foundation of operational efficiency. It is what makes locations run smoothly and ensures customer satisfaction.

Centralized Management

A web-based work order system provides a centralized platform to create, track, and manage work orders, streamlining the entire process, and reducing the risk of lost or overlooked work orders.

Data-backed Decisions

CMMS analyzes work order data, providing insights into maintenance trends, downtime analysis, and costs. These insights enable informed decision-making and help in optimizing maintenance strategies.

Efficient Asset Management

Facilities work order software is typically integrated with asset management capabilities, enabling businesses to link work orders directly to specific assets or equipment. This facilitates tracking of maintenance history, scheduling preventive maintenance, and optimizing asset performance.

Accurate Task Allocation

With CMMS, work orders can be easily assigned to the appropriate personnel based on skills, availability, and location, leading to quicker resolution times.

Improved Communication

CMMS facilitates better communication between team members, as updates and notifications can be sent automatically when changes are made to work orders.

Higher Cost Savings

With preventive maintenance scheduling, timely repairs, and optimized asset management, CMMS reduces unplanned downtime and minimizes costly breakdowns.

More Rigorous Compliance

By maintaining accurate records and documentation with CMMS, organizations can meet regulatory requirements with ease.

Upgrade to the Next-gen CMMS Work Order System with TMA Systems

Partnering with the right service provider can take your facilities management to the next level. Being a specialist in digitally driven, enterprise-grade maintenance management, TMA Systems is the partner of choice for many leading organizations across industries.

As a leading technology partner, TMA Systems provides one of the most comprehensive facilities management work order systems to help maintenance teams prioritize their work orders and fulfill them efficiently. TMA Systems' team of professionals conducts all the necessary deployment-related audits and evaluations to ensure a smooth transition. The company's consultants also identify areas of improvement so that you can realize and map the ROI quickly.

TMA Systems is committed to delivering a reliable, innovative, and trusted solution for successful work order management for enterprises across industries.

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